2. Pedagogical Contents

2.1 Teaching Methods

My cooperating teacher while teaching

A teaching method comprises the principles and methods used by teachers to enable student learning.

Based on my observation on my cooperating teacher, bu Sukma while she was teaching she’s using a variety of techniques in implementing the lesson that she has prepared. Mostly, she uses demonstration method which makes her easily get her students attention for she’s using different tools such as laptop, projector,speaker, and etc. in a great way. She’s always able to choose appropriate images, videos, and audios to spice the lesson and make the learning enjoyable and easier. I can also say that she’s using the learner-centered approach of teaching for she’s always asking her students’ opinion about every topic and helps them construct their own examples. She also considers the differences of her students in terms of their intelligence by giving them a variety of activities that will fit each of her students’ interest.

2.2 Learning Materials and Innovation

SMA Labschool library
SMA Labschool computer room

SMA Labschool, Unsyiah has a plenty of learning materials inside their campus. They have their very conducive library wherein you can find books, magazines, charts, CD films, and etc. that will really help you enjoy and advance your learning. They also have specialized room for each of their subject such as Biology room, Chemistry room, and etc. that will help students to learn based on their interests. As an addition, each of the students in SMA Labschool has their own books for each of their subjects that can be brought home for them to study anytime they want.

In terms of innovation in teaching and learning, SMA Labschool really provides quality tools that will help its teachers to teach effectively for better learning of their students. There are free to use projectors and speakers in their office for the teachers to use together with their own laptops. They also have their ICT or computer room that is being used in teaching their students on how to use different computer software and taking national examination online. Another thing that I liked in this school and surely helps its students is the accessible internet around the campus.

2.3 Sources of Learning and Technology Used by The Teachers

I and my co-exchange students while using the school provided internet access in preparing for our lessons.

The teachers in SMA Labschool do use their own laptops, and using the school provided internet access they do search for different materials from internet to spice their teaching and make the students learning easier and more enjoyable. About the other tools that will help them deliver their lessons very well such as projector, speaker, and etc. these are provided by the school. The teachers only need to log in and log out their names before and after borrowing anything from the office for it to be protected.

By the use of technology, student-teacher relationship becomes closer. it also provides fun experiences for both the teachers and students while in the process of teaching and learning.

2.4 Authentic Assessment Used by The Teachers

Authentic assessment is the measurement of “intellectual accomplishments of students that are worthwhile, significant, and meaningful,” as a contrast to objective types of tests.

Students while doing a group activity
Students while doing a group activity
Student while writing her answer on the board

During discussions, the teachers ask their students questions that will activate their higher order thinking skills, they call it “HOTS” questions. these are questions that will require students to relate the answers in real life, for example based on their experiences, life situations, and etc. as long as related to real life. This questioning technique helps the teachers assess their students background knowledge about a specific topic and on the same time helps students learn effectively. Another one is collaborative work. The teachers are assigning students in group to finish a specific activity. By this the teachers are able to assess students learning in group and at the same time develop the students behavior because this activity will require them to value respect, teamwork, unity, and etc.

2.5 Others

This was also my second week here in SMA Labschool as an exchange student, and together with my fellow SEATeachers we were so fortunate to meet the Philippine ambassador in Indonesia.

Meeting the Philippine ambassador in Indonesia together with my two fellow SEATeachers from Ilo Ilo, Philippines
The Philippine ambassador (one with orange dress), my two fellow SEATeachers, and some of the faculties and officials of Unsyiah and SMA Labschool


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