4. Teaching Practice

4.1 Procedures of Teaching

I, while checking the attendance of my students.
Discussion proper
Asking one of my students to answer a question.
I, walking around the classroom while my students are doing an activity.

Well, after my cooperating teacher checked and approved my lesson plan, I made my materials for teaching to teach the lesson to my class.

The first thing that I did was the checking of my students attendance, followed by a review about the last topic and a motivation for the students to be ready for the new lesson. After the motivation I started the discussion proper, and during the discussion proper I asked some questions to my students and my students also asked me some questions. After the discussion I gave my students an activity to do in order for me to assess their learning of the lesson.

4.2 Time Management and Organizing Activities

My students before the class start

Since my class is not their first subject and they only do praying on their first subject every morning, I always start my class by checking their attendance.

I, while discussing

After I checked the attendance of my students, I do start the discussion by giving a short review of their last topic and a motivation for the new lesson. I really love these students of mine for they are always active in discussion. They really enjoyed my class and I love that seeing my students enjoying while learning.

My students while doing an activity after my discussion

The next thing to do after discussion is of course to assess if how much learning your students got from you. So after my discussion I gave my students an activity for them to do in a group. I did this as a group activity because I want them to learn the value of unity, respect, and teamwork. The good thing was it’s been effective. I have assessed that my students really learned the lesson. Knowing that my students learned from me is already a success for me, and I was so happy for that.

I, while giving home work

The last thing that I did after they finished the activity was giving their homework. And as I always do I also gave them a motivation in a form of a video showing for them to have a background knowledge for their homework.

4.3 Problem Solving

Fortunately, during my stay in SMA Labschool there was no problem happened aside from the language barrier because not all of my students can speak the English language so what I did was asking help for their classmates to translate their answers in English. And sometimes I myself did translate the questions into Bahasa for all of my students to understand and be able to answer. Another thing that I did was discussing the lesson smoothly with a slow pace of speaking so that all of my students can follow.

My student while helping his classmate translate her answer and write it on the board

4.4 Classroom Management

My picture with my cooperating teacher and students after my evaluation or demo teaching

I haven’t encountered any difficulties in terms of managing my students inside the classroom because my cooperating teacher was always there to guide and support me. On the other hand, my students are very respectful. They do respect every teacher in their school including us, their practice teachers and they did never misbehave in my class.

4.5 Additional

Pictures after my demo teaching

I really loved my students, they did treat me not just as a teacher but as a brother and a friend. And my cooperating teacher she treated me as her son. I love them all, and I will always do. If I will be given the chance to go back, I would with all my heart.


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